Audit Service

We look at your payments to distributors and evaluate if you paid the appropriate amount.  We utilize invoice-level detail to ascertain any overpayments made to the distributors.  We will examine twelve months of data to document our findings.

  • Audit your manufacturer and distributor contracts to ensure compliance

  • Evaluate your distributor(s) contracts

    • Markup structure

    • Freight rates

    • Rebates for drop size, private label purchases, and prompt pay

  • ​Evaluate appropriateness of the "landed cost" at the distributor's warehouse

  • Evaluate cost of goods at each end-user location

  • Evaluate overcharges based on invoice-level detail we receive from the distributor(s)

We charge solely for monies recovered from the audit.  We work with you through the entire process.  We lead the charge so there is minimal involvement from your staff.  When it comes to auditing, we are a performance-based company.  We charge you only when we recover funds from the audited distributor.  We have found six-figure settlements for 100% of our clients.

We charge thirty-five (35%) of the recovered funds from a one-time audit.